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Start by marking “Borderline (The Arcadia Project, #1)” as Want to Read: A year ago Millie lost her legs and her filmmaking career in a failed suicide attempt. And on the day I read BORDERLINE by Mishell Baker, I tried to read four different books.
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And, if I can't know my own dad, how can I know anybody? Also, when I was eight I was certain that when I grew up I'd be accused of a murder I didn't commit, and be found guilty and hung. Pretty sunny thought for an eight-year-old, hunh? My concerns about injustice have stayed with me always. View all 8 comments. Jul 17, Richie Partington rated it it was amazing.

ISBN: "Roll you down the line boy, drop you for a loss, Ride you out on a cold railroad and nail you to a cross. I wake up at four, drenched in sweat. For the first time since I can remember, I have this need to pray. I wash my hands, face, and feet in the laundry tub. Lay a blanket on my bedroom floor as a prayer rug. Face Mecca, and begin to bow, kneel, prostrate myself, praying in Arabic for God's blessing. But now, in the predawn dark, they ring clear. Each syllable connects me to a power bigger than myself, a world of others praying the same words.

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My forehead tingles. I'm not alone. But those who know their American history will likely respond by citing scores of textbook examples revealing this tale involving Muslim hate mongering in twenty-first century America to be just one more link in a long chain of unfortunate blemishes on the face of our so-called sweet land of liberty.

Sammy has always known his father to be an overly strict but good man. But he just doesn't know what to think -- or what the real truth about his father might be -- because, shortly before the FBI raid, he uncovers his own evidence that his father has blatantly lied to him about a business trip to Toronto.

The anti-Muslim sentiments that we see Sammy and his parents frequently encountering prior to the surprise raid seduce us into presuming that Sammy's father is being railroaded. But is he really innocent? It turns out that Sammy will find it necessary to take some crazy risks, putting his own safety on the line in order to uncover the truth about his father's involvement in the alleged plot.

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But we can choose what we do about it. Our choices are who we are. And who we are -- that, no one can take away from us. Hate mongering in America is nothing new, of course. Whether identified by the color of the face, the slant of the eye, the sound of the name, the choice of the partner, or the manner in which freedom of religion is practiced, there always seems to be those in America who are ready and willing to mark the next group whose turn they believe it is to become the focus of hate and suspicion; to be the next Them.

Nov 13, Kristin rated it it was amazing Shelves: thriller , mystery , islam , for-review-in-slj , boy-reads , adventure , makes-you-think. Dec 27, Creaturecare8 rated it liked it Shelves: realistic. I was able to guess who Tariq Hassan was and why they were convicted, but that's probably because I watch a bunch of terrible movies. Otherwise, it was pretty interesting.

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The only problem was that I felt that everything was very abrupt and I hoped that maybe it could have been a more elaborate plan. It just seemed like Stratton had this idea that wasn't quite complete. Otherwise, it wasn't too far off the line. It was realistic and not too incriminatory. View all 90 comments. May 25, Sara Shalash rated it really liked it. What an intense read!

Being a Muslim girl, I have to say that Borderline was the closest representation of Islam that I've read about. It wasn't perfect, but it was close to it. It was nice having so much in common with the main character. I haven't read anything about this subject and I'm sure not many have you either. Sami is forced to attend an all boy academy after having some trouble at his old school.

Although he keeps his two buddies with him, everyone else makes fun of him. He stick Whoa. He sticks out like a sore thumb. Sami is really confused about his identity and who he is. He never had a really close relationship with his dad. Everything is going pretty normal, aside from his dad's sneaky behavior. After the blink of an eye he witnesses his dad being dragged out of the house for being accused of being a terrorist.

A Novel Drug for Borderline Personality Disorder

Sami doesn't know what to believe. The family is flipped upside down. Sami was such a strong character. I loved seeing things through his eyes. I was so proud of him, he was a great son and friend.

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I was very glad to see his transformation throughout the book. He went from being lost to being proud of who he was. I mean imagine having a father being watched and accused of being a terrible person by about the whole country. Along with everyone else, I even automatically assumed he was guilty. But there is always more parts to the story. It was crazy to watch how the family was treated. The mother lost her job and Sami was even asked if he wanted to drop out of the academy.

Cameras were everywhere and everything was bugged within reach of their house.

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There were a couple of complaints that I had. The beginning was kind of slow, but it definitely picked up during the second half when more of the action begin. Boy did I love the action parts, it was very intense. And I wasn't the biggest fan of the writing. Those little complaints didn't take away from the story at all. I thought that this was a very important book and it was quite enjoyable. It taught me not to judge anyone and that there is always more to a story. You usually don't get to see what really happens during these situations, but now you can.

Mystery, thrill, a life lesson- it's all there. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone : Taken from my book review blog at Along For the Ride Sep 14, Int'l librarian rated it liked it Shelves: multicultural-world-lit , gradesand-up , action , suspense. I almost stopped reading this book at least three times, when the plot hit its unbelievable peaks.

A gang of students torture a classmate in the bathroom, a teacher breaks up the attack, and the gang is able to twist the story and blackmail the teacher into retiring?

When You Bleed to Death - A Borderline Personality Love Story

A US teenager sneaks into Canada to uncover a terrorist, and convinces his two goofball buddies to join him? Sami keeps struggling, and I had to find out what would happen. In the biggest surprise, the conclusion almost succeeds in explaining away the ridiculousness. He also provides an interesting perspective on the conflict some teens face to balance peer pressures and Islamic family culture.

Mar 24, Jo rated it really liked it. This was a fast paced thriller which really held my interest. It showed the prejudice that these families live with and was a little bit about bullying as well. Sami was a great conflicted character. He wanted to honor his religion but fit in as well.

Pop Culture Criticism by Natalie Luhrs

How does a teen do that in today's society that picks on the one who is different? Stratton does a great job of showing his conflict. I think the value of the book lies in This was a fast paced thriller which really held my interest. I think the value of the book lies in forcing the reader to confront those prejudices about others who may worship differently. Jun 27, Mrs. Nicole rated it liked it Shelves: read-in Sami Sabiri is the only Muslim teen in his high school. Being raised by ultra conservative parents makes him feel like an outsider.

When Sami's father starts to become more distant and even cancels a father-son weekend trip to Toronto Sami envisions the worst. Then the FBI shows up at the Sabiri house and accuses Sami's father of being part of a terrorist organization. Sami must risk it all to save his father, his family, and their reputation.