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Dans la peau d'un pervers narcissique: Quand il entrait, même les mouches se taisaient (French Edition) [Claude Cognard] on *FREE* shipping.
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This paper seeks to establish factors associated with detection of psychological problems in a deprived multi-ethnic inner city area in the UK. GPs identified psychological problems in around one third of GHQ cases. White people who were GQ cases were more likely to be identified than black or Asian people. Explanations for these differences will be discussed.

Krishnan, L. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India. The findings indicate the possible influence of socialization modes other than child rearing.

Carr, S. University of Newcastle, Callaghan, Australia. McAuliffe, E. MacLachlan, M. Perhaps we should not be surprised if human behavior played a role in the fortunes of international aid, yet "developers" have often seemed to deny ingress to Psychology. Aid might be viewed however as a series of interlocking behavioral systems, ranging from donor psychology at home and in the field to host reactions towards "aid" at organisational and community levels. Within this systems theory framework, recent research among donors in Australia and hosts in Malawi, for example, links charitable behavior to social cognition, expatriate effectiveness to pay and personality, and project sustainability to the social dynamics of resistance to change.

Pines, A. Six groups each including about 30 men and women were interviewed about their national burnout and their reactions to the peace process and to Rabin's death: Left wingers, Right wingers, Orthodox Jews, Army officers, Israeli Arabs, and settlers in the occupied territories. Based on the existential perspective on burnout Pines, , it was expected that the levels of burnout among the six groups will reflect the sense of existential significance they derive from the peace process and their support for it or struggle against it.

Results seem to support this prediction. Convenor: M. Lores Arnaiz IPS — Lores Arnaiz, M. Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Questions such as monism, evolution, heritage, plasticity and learning, electrical and chemical transmission and brain localization are discussed and the concepts of consciousness, cognition, personality and intelligence are considered. Arguments are provided supporting that the Ingenieros' epistemological approach allows his classification as an emergentist point of view.

Carpintero, H. Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain. His neuron theory laid the basis of modern neurosciences. In his works he also advanced some traits of a hypothetical "objective psychology or psychological hystology" , an associationist interpretation of psychological phenomena, based on evolutionary grounds. According to his view, psychological functions are to be related to data obtained through highly detailed anatomical studies, trying to discover specifical brain localizations. Deeply interested in philosophical problems, he clearly differentiated scientific assertions from ideological reflections.

Universidad de Mar del Plata, Argentina. I hold that the quest for explanations is not only characteristic of the subsystem composed by basic and applied theories, but it is also legitimate in the subsystems of psychotechnological and psycho- praxiological theories; and that understanding is only adequate within psychopraxiological activities and as a resource to which one may appeal during the process, while integrating a plan of action that exceeds it.

Stevens, L.

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It is argued that insofar as the world is meaningful, it is made meaningful by language. We have no access to unmediated reality. The concept "self" has been made meaningful in western culture in a number of ways, one of which is by dividing people into bodies and minds. This further demonstrates that people are not, in "reality", divided into bodies and minds. But if this is true, should we not re-evaluate our making meaningful of abnormal behaviour as "mental" disorders?

Negrete, P. Description of phenomena belonging to psychological space in the frame of causal paradigma bodies in motion , yield to results not corresponding to the intrinsic nature of these phenomena. In this paper psychological space is seen as a deeper level of material organization, a section of a transition region between the two formal cartesian substances, whose articulation is given by a continuity principle.

Hence, psychology is viewed as the science of this transition region, whose phenomena are not necessarily governed by a causality principle.

Processus de pensée : entre perversion et psychose

It is shown that this principle is rather a particular case of a more general symmetry. Almeida, F.

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For twenty years a social psychologist has been an active member of a professional team living and working together with a Nahuat indigenous population in Mexico. Reflecting upon his practice he proposes that knowledge in community social psychology is produced through the struggle to develop horizontal relationships in the asymmetrical conditions of the native population and the exogenous participants. Theory produced under such circumstances implies the consideration of at least two perspectives and their interaction when studying needs, participation, organization, knowledge and power.

The appropriate methods for such an approach include enduring presence, broad interdisciplinarity and participatory research. Chung, M. University of Wolverhampton, UK. This paper contrasts the action of exploration in psychotherapy with Spinozistic philosophy. Spinoza argued that to resolve one's emotional distress is to acquire the true and adequate knowledge which proceeds from cause to effect. I wish to argue that in psychotherapy, clients do not always have a clear and distinct knowledge of both cause and effect. Yet, they could possibly reduce distress by engaging into the action of exploration rather than obtaining Spinozistic adequate knowledge.

The intention is to arrive at a new formulation of "Spinozistic therapy" which can be tested in future psychological research. Schmuck, P. Are all psychological research activities equally useful for our future? We are afraid, this is not the case. Our future is threatened by social coldness, war and destruction of our ecological base. Where is the use of exploding knowledge about details of human cognition, motivation and emotion if the earth some day will be a place not worth living on? The alternative is to discuss, more than we have done, criteria of relevance for potential research topics with regard to our future.

Some possible criteria based on historical sources and suggestions of contemporary scientists are presented. Convenor: P. Enck and S. Klosterhalfen IPS — Steinheider, B. Technical University of Dresden, Germany. Winneke, G. In studies of two cities in Northrhine-Westfalia the relationship between environmental odours and annoyance and somatic complaints, e. Results showed that degree and frequency of annoyance increased with increasing odour exposure. Intense environmental odours have to be considered as a possible risk for the health of residents.

Parker, L. When paired with a flavored solution, lithium chloride and rewarding drugs similarly produce taste avoidance in rats. However, the taste avoidance produced by lithium, but not that produced by rewarding drugs, is accompanied by active rejection responses in the taste reactivity test, suggesting that the flavor has become conditionally aversive.

Taste avoidance produced by rewarding drugs and by lithium chloride appears to be mediated by different processes. Kuhlbusch, R.

Enck, P. The contribution of intestinal afferents to nausea development in experimental motion sickness MS has not been addressed due to a lack of appropriate stimulation and recording techniques. We recorded psychological, intestinal, and endocrine contribution to MS development in volunteers in a series of experiments involving rotating chair stimulation experiment 1 , 3-g centrifuge rotation experiment 2 and weightlessness during parabolic flights experiment 3. It was shown that psychological variables were not able to predict MS occurrence but that stress hormone as well as gastrointestinal peptide changes were associated with intestinal predictors of MS development.

Stockhorst, U. Klosterhalfen, S. Side-effects during cancer chemotherapy i. The CC model was used to test hypotheses concerning etiology and treatment of these side-effects: In study 1, characteristics of patients developing AN were in accordance with CC. In study 2, overshadowing was effective in preventing AN. Muth, E.

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Stern, R. Nausea is difficult to study experimentally because sick individuals are not willing to come to a laboratory. We have discovered an objective marker of nausea, a distinctive pattern in the electrogastrogram, which provides a non-invasive measure of gastric myoelectric activity, and have developed a multidimensional nausea questionnaire. These two measures can be used to study nausea under varying conditions. Fischer, U. Orasanu, J. Three studies involving a sorting task were conducted to investigate the influence of experience on expert pilots' use of situational features in aviation decision making.

We found that pilots used those situational aspects that were consistent with the responsibilities associated with their crew role. Captains attended to risk and time pressure; first and second officers emphasized the number of available responses as well as time pressure. Since years of flying experience and crew role varied independently across samples, we could also determine that differences in feature selection reflected crew role, not years of aviation experience or differences in underlying knowledge.

Cordier, F.