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We have come a long way since Descartes claimed that animals are mere automatons We now know the contrary is true: They experience. Our human idea of heaven might be walking an adored dog in the forest, but there is no on a biblical-theological foundation for animal welfare, and didn't feel.
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Main articles: Authorship of the Bible , Authorship of the Gospels , Authorship of the Pauline epistles , Documentary hypothesis , and Mosaic authorship. Main article: Ethics in the Bible. Main article: Historicity of the Bible. Main article: Internal consistency of the Bible. Main articles: Christian mythology , Jewish mythology , and Jesus in comparative mythology. Main articles: Biblical manuscript , Textual criticism , and Biblical inerrancy. Further information: Relationship between religion and science. Main article: Biblical archaeology.

Who Wrote the Bible? New York: Simon and Schuster. Retrieved 11 August Theorie van gesplitste bronnen". Ehrman Lost Christianities. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

e-book Do Pets Go To Heaven? Now theres biblical proof you can believe in (revised and expanded)

Retrieved 15 July New York: Oxford. Bloomsbury Academic. What perspectives can such analysis offer —if any— on the question of Paul's own relation to gnostics? Much of the discussion, as B. Pearson notes, has focused on allegedly "gnostic terminology" in Paul's letters. Brown, Raymond E. Introduction to the New Testament. New York: Anchor Bible. Donald Guthrie , New Testament Introduction , p. Jesus: God, Man Or Myth. Health Research Books. In his pamphlet Paul the Gnostic Opponent of Peter Gerald Massey proves quite clearly to any unbiased reader that "Paul was not a supporter of the system known as Historical Christianity, which was founded on a belief in the Christ carnalized; an assumption that the Christ had been made flesh, but that he was its unceasing and deadly opponent during his lifetime; and that after his death his writings were tampered with, interpolated, and re-indoctrinated by his old enemies, the forgers and falsifiers, who first began to weave the web of the Papacy in Rome.

Three Rivers Press CA. Not only is Irenaeus the first person in history to mention Matthew , Mark , Luke and John , and The Acts of the Apostles , he also claims to be in possession of a number of letters by Paul which have not been heard of previously. In these letters, which are known as the 'pastorals', Paul has been transformed from a gnostic into a literalist.

Of the thirteen letters attributed to Paul in the New Testament, the three letters that are most widely dismissed by scholars as forgeries are the pastorals, which gnostics at the time also refused to acknowledge as authentic. West Chiltington: Crystal Reference, Credo Reference.

Milner; Hannah Adams He [Marcion] further maintained that the law of Moses, with its threats and promises of things terrestrial, was a contrivance of the evil principle in order to bind men still more to the earth. Image of p. The Jew; being a defence of Judaism against all adversaries, and the attacks of Israel's advocate [publ.

And it is a very just observation of Mr. Basnage, who says, "We must prove the divine authority of the Gospel to the Jews before we engage in the particulars of other controversies. And if they did not declare themselves inspired, what authority could any one else have to declare them so? On the contrary, it very evidently appears that there was no scriptures, no writings, deemed canonical in what is called the first ages of Philadelphia: Da Capo Press. Ethics: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Very Short Introductions.

Retrieved Then the persona of Jesus in the Gospels has his fair share of moral quirks. He can be sectarian: 'Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not. But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel' Matt.

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The Bible and Interpretation. It has been accepted for decades that the Bible is not in principle either historically reliable or unreliable, but both: it contains both memories of real events and also fictions. Jesus: Evidence and Argument or Mythicist Myths? Thomas L. Thompson was an American Catholic born in in Detroit. He was awarded a B. Eerdmans Publishing.

The minimalists' first main claim, that the Bible could not be considered reliable evidence for what happened in ancient Israel, is based on a View of the text that was influenced by literary criticism and philosophical criticism of history writing. Philosophical and literary examinations of history writing are concerned with the literary shape of the text, often called history's poetics. Such study recognizes that historians chose data and put it into a narrative using preconceived notions of the meaning of the past.

Thus, literary considerations of history blur the line between history writing and fiction.

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The events of history, like those of fiction, were seen as emplotted, or directed into a meaningful story line by an author. It is not difficult to see how the claim that history and fiction are quite similar can raise serious questions about the accuracy of a historical account.

Do all Pets go to Heaven?

Errancy Wiki. If Mark did not write verses , but some anonymous person s later added those verses, pretending or erroneously believing that Mark wrote them as in fact they must have , then this Gospel, and thus the Bible as a whole, cannot be regarded as inerrant, or even consistently reliable. The Rejection of Pascal's Wager. Paul N. Archived from the original on 2 July Retrieved 8 September Many of the epistles attributed to Paul were not written by the apostle: Clearly, the epistles of Peter could not have been written by the apostle himself.

Such epistles, which pretend to be written by prophets or apostles, are called pseudepigrapha. They were written in such a way so as to give the epistles enhanced authority. Pseudepigrapha are very common in Judeo-Christian history. The correct modern name for pseudepigrapha is not ghost writers but impostors.

Even the theologians Robert Davidson and A. It is filled with scientific errors, contradictions and numerous other errors; Many of its myths are not even original, but were derived from earlier middle eastern myths; The authors are largely anonymous; In short, the Bible is not a "good Book". Polebridge Press. Ward Gasque. Eerdmans, Yale University Press. D Davies and E. Susan W.

Thank you for this article. It has helped me to have a deeper understanding of the new earth that is to come. How great God is, that His plan is full of mercy, that His plan for us is good and loving!

Do Pets Go to Heaven?: Now There's Evidence You Can Believe in by Dennis Callen

God bless you in all you do, your staff is in my prayers. Xavier A.

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