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The Present: A gift from the Divine: A tribute to the Master H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar [Kanchana Krishnan Ayyar] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.
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Perhaps you have many aptitudes; your abilities are not limited to writing books. You can paint, cook and become a natural-born leader. You begin to notice as you start to discover your burning desire what it is you want to become. Then, something will happen to enable you to concentrate on the desire to develop your short- or long-term career. It comes from an entirely unknown source, these innate abilities that will guide you in harnessing that particular career.

When you accomplish one stage, you move on to something else that brings more joy and satisfaction. This will cause you to do good things for others through your changed world, or perhaps what you wish for will flash through your mind. You may call it an inspiration, a desire, or a hunch. Our free gift allows us to create material things in the form of thoughts that distinguish us from other living organisms. The Divine gift also allows us to have the power of dominion over all animals.

We can manifest anything through deliberate delivery and the power of conscious thought in the here and now. Many of us may not know how to harness this gift and replace it with the striving force to survive, which feels like the opposite of being powerful. The reason for this is throughout ancient history we have lived according to our heritage of always being told what to do and to disregard our own thoughts.

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For centuries we lived like robots just following a bunch of protocols, rules, and regulations dictated by our leaders and government with no feelings or notions of our own. These old concepts lead to a society ruled by laws controlled by the government or a dictator. This type of society easily falls into self-centered, ego-driven concepts without being aware that this is happening and being unable to repel it. These old beliefs lead us to believe that we need to get as many things as we can, even if they are unnecessary, all because of the subconscious idea of scarcity and the illusions that we must maintain perfection, that we have only one life to live, and that we only need to care for ourselves.

We have forgotten the gift that we were born with, which is to help each other, because we are united with the Divine in one source. Take a look at yourself in the mirror.


What does your reflection tell you? It does show what you really are, whether you are a caring, loving, and compassionate person or a selfish ego-minded person who cares only for himself or herself.

How to Discover Your Primary Spiritual Gift

However, you may not be aware of how far-reaching your ability is and how it manifests into your own true reality in all aspects. Everything begins with our thoughts. That is why it is critical that we become vigilant, control our thoughts, and use them wisely and positively to avoid harming others. When you can control your thoughts, you can manifest anything your heart desires. However, if you cannot control your thoughts, anything that will manifest to you will randomly emerge in your consciousness, which is not really what you want to receive.

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A Theology of Gift: The Divine Benefactor and Universal Kinship

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