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I’ll commit the “heresy of the paraphrase,” as it was once called: “we live in such sick times that madmen lead blind men.”.​ Why does the Fool disappear after the storm in "King Lear" by Shakespeare?​ What do you mean by the ecocritical reading in Shakespeare's play, ‘King Lear’?
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David Reed, Toronto, Ontario. What an astonishingly innovative book! Freedman is a glorious nutcase.

When Madmen Lead the Blind

And Praxiteles Moussakas is brilliant. They wrap themselves around you and refuse to let go. Jefferson, Esquire Inc. Lots to learn in [the] narrative technique. The description of what follows our lives here on Earth that you portrayed in the book does not remotely resemble anything I've ever seen written before, nor anything I had ever contemplated. I commend you for not being vague in describing that "place", but rather you went all out to provide a fully realized portrayal.

Your depiction certainly gave me much food for thought. I particularly like the story of Praxiteles and your descriptions of Greece.

The entire book is thought provoking and stays with me long after I've read it. Alida Robinson, Consecon.

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When Madmen Lead the Blind: A Tale of Lear

It sure is a page-turner, clever and well written with a complex structure that challenges the reader. The premise is genius. The Alan character compelling I was cocooned at home this past week with a nasty virus which I just couldn't seem to shake, so it was a comfort to me to have some-thing like this that I could get lost in. It was so smart, witty, and engaging that I couldn't put it down, and when I got to the end, I wanted to start reading it all over again, to see how many clues I had missed the first time around. As a lifelong atheist, I particularly enjoyed the religious take downs, especially the whole discussion around "God's will" which has always been a particular pet peeve of mine.

Pearl Rotter, Ottawa, Ontario.

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I must say, it was a fascinating read that resonates long afterwards. A whole new take on reincarnation! The characters and their relationships to one another intrigued me, and frankly, I enjoyed Alan's "stirring the pot" ways.

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I was drawn in and needed to read and read in order to find out exactly how they were connected. It was mind-blowing when I started to piece it together. The book also makes the reader question Nadine Adamek, Toronto, Ontario. South Shore Suite Influenced by haiku and tanka forms, they have their roots in the landscape of Prince Edward County on Lake Ontario. Versions of some of these pieces appeared elsewhere under the name A.

  1. ’Tis the times’ plague, when madmen lead the blind.?
  2. Act 4 Scene 1.
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In JC Sulzenko's Words. It comes to me as if I hear it first and then I write it down and then I spend time making sure I'm doing the best job I can. I try to be very direct and yet be very compressed, because poetry is a compression of thought This a book whose lightness is not a measure of its gravity, which is not to say that there aren't light-hearted moments November 15, This is a collection that rewards the reader with its careful, precise and often-beautiful rendition of those elements in life that enclose us: nature, other people and the progress of time.

Your poems are beautiful, they're powerful, they're painful beyond endurance.

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Your skill with words takes my breath away. The story.

Quote by William Shakespeare: “Tis the times' plague, when madmen lead the blind.”

Do as I bid thee. Or rather, do thy pleasure. Above the rest, be gone. It's the tragedy of our.

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  • Who I'll entreat to lead me. Old Man. Alack, sir, he is mad.

    Do as I bid thee, or rather do thy. The autumn started with a huge national jolt of shock, fear, grief and anger. Winter has begun with many worries here at home and grim.